Bad Day

I knew going into this business that owning a food truck was more than just about making food.  I knew there would be additional things to deal with on the truck, itself.  Today was a prime example.  The day started off as a bad weather day (cold and rainy), but my friend and fellow co-worker, Carol, and I headed off to Manassas, which was about a 40 minute drive to serve during the lunch hour.  After an awful sales day, and the lunch shift was over, we attempted to start our journey back home.  Truck wouldn’t turn over…..battery dead.  After about an hour of attempting to jump the truck with the help of the campus police, it finally started.  Happy to be back on our journey home, we noticed the truck wasn’t shifting gears or showing MPH (nothing on the dashboard was working).  We didn’t want to shut the truck off, for fear of it not starting again, so continued a slow drive home.  After about 6 miles of driving and not accelerating over what felt like 35 mph, the truck completely stalled and we lost control.  I had to pull the emergency brake and glide to the side of the road.  Thank goodness for great friends, as one came to our rescue (thank you Sherri) and stayed with us, until we got the battery recharged (about 45 minutes later) and drove home.  Let’s just say, I get by with a little help from my friends!  Thank you both for being such great friends and helping me through tough times.  And, let’s hope tomorrow is a better day!  The Rover should be back on the road tomorrow.